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about us

1AF is a non-profit dedicated to promoting love for — and understanding of — the freedoms of speech, religion and assembly as enshrined in the first and most important amendment of the United States Constitution.


Matt Patterson, Founder and President
Mr. Patterson is one of Washington, DC’s most vocal and effective advocates for liberty in journalism and the nonprofit world. He has held policy and or senior positions at the National Center for Public Policy Research, Capital Research Center, Competitive Enterprise Institute and Americans for Tax Reform.

His columns and commentary have appeared in Forbes, the Washington Post, New York Post, Washington Examiner, American Thinker, and His work has been quoted in POLITICO and The Week magazine and profiled in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Patterson previously served as research assistant to Charles Krauthammer and a political coordinator for the Rudy Giuliani 2008 presidential campaign. He also has years of experience teaching arts to K-12-aged children and has designed educational programs for special needs students.

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